Monday, December 14, 2009

Tis the Season...

While I was doing a little research I came across this article. The general idea of my blog is to talk about the positive things that athletes do, but I just had to share this. The way we are inundated with the negative, I think that we all can use a heartwarming story in our lives. I have always liked the idea of paying it forward gifts, as you can tell from my last article. I’m not going to talk about the content of this article, it speaks for itself. Check it out I’m sure you’ll be touched. Enjoy…and remember a smile is contagious. :)

Mystery Couple Starts "Magical" Chain Reaction

Friday, December 11, 2009

Eagle's "Pay It Forward"

Up until a few weeks ago I never had heard of the Colorado Eagles, a team that plays in the Central Hockey League in Loveland, Colorado. I was sitting watching the news when they had a little story about the team and a new program that they started called the “Pay-It-Forward” Program. It’s their way of giving back to the community. The news crew followed a player and one of the coaches on the day that they performed one of their acts of kindness. I know that this has been done before on different programs, but it was still very touching to see these athletes paying for people’s gas or buying their lunch. Watching this made me want to find out more about this program.


Here’s how it works. On each home game day, a member of the team will go out into the community and thank their fan base through simple acts of kindness. These acts can be picking up their lunch tab or handing out free team merchandise. They then give out a card which says: The Colorado Eagles are giving back to the community through simple deeds. We encourage your to do the same. Help a neighbor…Pay It Forward!

I have always loved that idea. Can you imagine if we all took that attitude in life? Just think about how much joy we could spread throughout our own communities.

As I was researching this article I found how this program has affected at least one man that was in need of a little cheering up after a rough day. This was a letter to the editor in the November 5th Loveland Reporter-Herald.

I’m guessing that the player who did this felt pretty good when he read the article. I hope this program is able to bring joy to many more people over the holiday season and beyond. As a hockey fan I’ll be making the drive up the road to check out the Colorado Eagles.